Propellers, Shafts & Rudders

One of the most critical factors to vessel efficiency is the maintenance of the hydrodynamic performance of the propeller. Minimal growth on the propeller surface can increase the surface resistance and drastically effect performance, costing in fuel consumption and trip durations.

Propellers, Shafts & Rudders


ENVSonic Ultrasonic anti-fouling can be deployed on most vessels to protect the propeller during standby times. Installation is simple and can be done without docking. In consultation with ENVSonic we can provide a technical layout for transducer locations to achieve the best results.

Our systems utilize an engine run signal to isolate output to propeller transducers automatically during engine operation ensuring protection is maintained active when the weight of the propeller shaft and propeller is ensuring full contact with the stern tube ends to allow transmission of the ultrasonic acoustic energy down the shaft and to prevent interference with stern bearing systems.



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