Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Applications

Sea Chest, Box Cooler, Sea Strainer & Pipes


Prevent bio-fouling within cooling systems including box coolers, sea chests, sea strainers and raw seawater piping systems. Cooling is critical to the maintained servicability and integrity of every vessel.

Through the use of ENVSonic you can ensure that the cooling efficiency, capacity, flow rates can all be maintained and reduce costly system failures, damage and repairs caused by bio fouling related issues and blockages within your cooling systems.

Hull & submerged Structures


Hull bio-fouling is the single largest cause of increased consumption, emissions and environmental impact. This is caused by fouling growth and the resultant high hydrodynamic efficiency losses causing increased fuel consumption and longer trip durations.

As the growth continues, the efficiency of the hull drops further. Sending divers at port can help but causes further paint damage and increases the growth rate on the next interval.

Propellers and Shafts 


Another major factor in fuel consumption and emissions is the loss of propeller efficiency due to marine bio fouling on the blades. Propeller efficiency is critical to the performance of the vessel.

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