Hulls & Submerged Structures

Hull Protection


Bio-fouling on a vessels hull quickly becomes a major issue, reducing the vessels speed and decreasing the efficiency of the vessel by increasing fuel consumption. As fuel represents 60-70% of the operating costs of many ship operators it is critical that the hull be considered for additional protection over the standard anti-foulant paints available.

ENVSonic has carefully worked with ship operators to identify the right solution for ships hulls.
Taking many factors into account;

  • The high surface area necessary for protection
  • Multiple operating modes (ballast / laden)
  • The need to control costs and the need for solid ROI
  • The need for reliable real world monitoring (reducing additional load on crew)
  • High reliability, error detection and low cost serviceable parts
  • The limited windows of opportunity during docking cycles for installation

With all of these factors in mind, our development team has been hard at work to create a new and more powerful ship based system specifically for scale installations to achieve solid results with a low cost and high ROI.


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