About Us

GLOBA.tech Australia.
Headquartered in the largest Marine Precinct of Australia and leading the Ultrasonic Industry since 2006. 

ENVSonic is the industrial culmination of over a decade of experience and developments by GLOBA.tech Australia. Australian enginuity at it’s best.

GLOBA.tech Australia

GLOBA.tech Australia was established in 2006 to develop environmentally conscious products for the marine sector. After careful consideration, our sights set on ultrasonic’ as the ultimate non-intrusive and non-biocidal solution for bio-fouling prevention. We proceeded to set the benchmark and have led the industry in what we refer to as acoustic ultra-sonication. This technology safely prevents biofouling from weeds, barnacles, mollusks and more, achieving our goal of reducing fuel consumption, maintenance overheads and running costs while reducing the release of toxins into our Waterways & Oceans.

ENVSonic® is formerly known as H2oBioSonic®. The rebrand to emphasize our focus on Environmentally conscious solutions and to coincide with the release of our latest upgrade to our product range.

GLOBA.tech Australia is committed to our mission of environmental protection through technology and to the continued development and advancement of our ultrasonic biofouling pevention technology. ENVSonic “Environmental Sonic” is a branding change to better align our core values, expand our industrial products and better service our customers. – Joshua David (CEO & Chief Engineer)


Improve the environment through reduced emissions, fuel consumption & reducing toxins & heavy metal release into our oceans.

Provide cost effective industry leading bio-fouling prevention solutions & continued support to our customers.

Help our customers reduce running costs, maintain their fleet and comply with strict environmental regulations.